We’ve got a homeownership short-cut for Greater Toronto Area renters.

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Turned down by the bank? Credit problems?
Recent bankruptcy or divorce?
NONE of those things stop you from renting-to-own!

Choose almost any home for sale, we turn it into a rent-to-own for your family
Quality of life – get more space and move to a better neighbourhood
No more moving from one rental to another – better stability for kids AND adults!
• As a
realtor, I help you house shop AND I co-ordinate things with your future Rent-To-Own landlord
Possible profits from increasing property value
No tax, less liability while you lease
Early buyout options are available
You have tenant rights PLUS added protections
Forced down payment savings and mortgage preparation
• If you qualify for a mortgage but haven’t saved 5%, we supply down payment loans

Ready to get into your own home FAST?

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