But I do want to help you sell your home on your own so you will put in a good word for me...
This might sound a bit strange coming from a real estate agent, but you will understand once you finished reading this!  I know how challenging it can be to sell a home, particularly when you are doing it yourself and don’t have access to all of the tools of the trade that most real estate agents rely upon.  So I am offering help in the form of a “Marketing Tool Kit.”  I do things differently, and I’m interested in sharing a few of my marketing tools and methods to help you sell more effectivelyall at no cost or obligation to you!
I will drop off a 'For Sale By Owner Marketing Toolbox" at your doorstep

Some real estate agents use a “Brochure Box” to present interested buyers with information on a home. Whether you use my Brochure Box that I will make available at no cost, or just refer to the materials inside the box or in my Marketing Tool Kit, you will find plenty of tips on selling your own home -- materials that you can replicate to market your home to interested buyers :

  “For Sale By Owner” Home Selling Guide
This brochure is full of tips on selling your own home, from preparing yourself with all the necessary legal documentation to negotiating knowledgeably and effectively with prospective buyers.

10 Insider Tips
  1. Price It Right
  2. Prepare Your Home For Sale
  3. Prepare Yourself With All Necessary Legal Documents
  4. Market Your Home Effectively
  5. Remain Objective During The Showing of Your Home
  6. Pre-Qualify Your Prospects
  7. Negotiate Effectively & Knowledgeably
  8. Know Your Buyer
  9. Don’t Move Out Before You Sell
  10. Know Why You’re Selling & Keep It To Yourself

  Sample “Home Selling Brochure”
For any of the homes I list for sale, I produce a brochure that fully describes the home, the neighborhood, and the school district – all the information that is important to a prospective buyer.  I will include a copy for your reference, and you can use it to prepare a similar brochure for your home.  It can be placed in the brochure box, or kept in your home and given to prospective buyers who come for a showing.

  “Home Selling Guide”
In this 32-page publication, I describe the key actions that every home seller should take to ensure a fast and profitable sale – in sections titled "Pre-Selling and Inspection", "Listing Paperwork Completion Checklist", "Preparing Your Home for Showings" , and many others.  You owe it to yourself to read it!  I promise you will benefit from the many insights and experiences I have learned throughout the years, especially as you incorporate them into your approach to selling your own home.  And if you should decide to list your home with a real estate agent, I would appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed for the job.

What Else Is Available?
I’d like to take this offer of help a step further…  In addition to the Marketing Tool Kit, I’d like to offer you three more marketing tools to help you sell your home – again, all at no cost or obligation to you.
  “For Sale By Owner” Brochure Box 
Home sellers and real estate agents  often produce brochures or fliers  to hand out to perspective buyers.  Agents will often place a brochure box in the front yard along with their yard sign so that this information is available to people passing by.  I am more than happy to lend you one of my non-branded “Awesome Home For Sale” brochure boxes.  Please just let me know when you are done with it so I may pick it up.
  “For Sale By Owner” Sign
Home sellers that enlist the services of a real estate agent typically get a large sign placed in their yard!  The sign attracts attention from neighbors and people passing by, and increases the chances that an interested buyer will call or stop and request more information.  These large, 2-foot by 3-foot signs create tremendous visibility and are one of the top tools that agents use to attract buyers to a home!
I am willing to let you have one of my signs for as long as you need it, and I will have it installed for you as well (at no cost or obligation!).  Here is an image of the sign that can be hanging from a post in your yard within days.
Just call me at 1-855-768-2696 ext 1 to arrange for the placement of your sign!
  1-800# & Property ID#
The sign has a 1-800# that interested buyers can call for more information on your home.  The sign that hangs below (called a bottom rider) includes a Property ID# that I will assign, and it will be unique to your home.  Provide me with your preferred contact number (home, work, or cell), and a phone call from an interested buyer or buyer’s agent who enters that ID# will be routed directly to you!   Again, there is no cost or obligation for the use of my hotline!

Getting Started
I hope all these free marketing tips and tools have sparked your interest!  Getting started is easy: That’s it!  All at no cost, and with no obligation!  I hope you will see the many benefits to my offer:
So you may be asking yourself, “Why would a real estate agent offer to do all this for us?”   It’s simple!  I will also benefit in one or more ways:
  Thanks for your interest!  I hope this information has been very helpful to you, and look forward to the opportunity to be of additional service.  Call me at 1-855-768-2696 ext 1
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